it’s kind of a running joke amongst my friends that i dislike dress up parties. don’t know why, maybe because people can’t seem to throw parties without some kind of theme attached, no matter how lame (wear a funny hat!) or maybe it’s because we don’t celebrate halloween in south africa & so didn’t grow up with that ritual of finding a costume every year.

either way, i do make exception for (a) vintage / anything mad men related (that’s a given) and (b) cowboys / western. the fact is, i wouldn’t mind if people dressed in western gear all the time. it’s probably because i find cowboys ridiculously attractive. imagine don draper dressed as a cowboy! doubley attractive heart attack right there.

this post completely stemmed from that rad over at , by the way.

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  1. Ummmm Don Draper is my dream man, without all the infidelity thing.

  2. love anything to do with cow boys/ gals. did my thesis on the american west. obsessed with the south west country – ansel adams georgia o keefe- MAD about don draper but cant imagine him as a cowboy think he might look toooo canadia mounty ish – so suity-

  3. I LOVE this post. But then I love fancy dress parties of any kind (well, not the lame kind – “wear a funny hat” is beyond lame). But proper, full on, 110% effort by all concerned – there’s nothing like it!

  4. I’ve just been through your great blog and the cowgirls post made me think of “Les petroleuses”!

  5. “she’s every big-time rodeo prize rolled into one… pair of tight pants!” haha, awesome

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