amy and i met each other in our first year of university where we both studied graphic design. i can’t tell you how many hours we spent drinking coffee on campus, ‘working’ in front of the tv while watching period dramas, driving around in her eighties honda ballade despite its odd smell… we have traveled overseas together, shared a room the size of harry potter’s cupboard, attempted to encourage each other in various exercise regimes (if you gym, i’ll gym) – the list goes on and on. a great friend who i am very fortunate to know.

things i like right now by who curates for and blogs at

  1. Will’s sandwiches at . My best is the haloumi and mexican salsa served on rye.
  2. My Sophie. She is the best pooch around. Photo by
  3. . Super handy and so beautiful.
  4. . My friend has them and they make me jealous every time she puts them on.
  5. . By my friend Caleb.
  6. in Cape Town. Because the pool is green, the garden is big and they have ridgebacks.
  7. . My favourite fashion designer – I dream of wearing her one day.
  8. latest collection. Proudly South African.
  9. . Each wallpaper pattern is made up of thousands of hand-applied stickers, and can be removed and re-applied in any space. Who doesn’t like a sticker.
  10. . Because they don’t need so much water. Photo by
  11. . My favourite artist right now.
  12. . Makes naked look so good.
  13. . She makes ink drawing look easy and such a free and easy style. Her subject matter is always thought provoking yet true to her roots.
  14. . I am a history nut & could read about the history of Cape Town all day. It has changed so much and we have lost so much history, yet people don’t seem to care.


  1. I met my absolute best friend/ soul sister through my graphic design program. We have done many fun things, but have yet to travel overseas together :) I love the things Amy has gathered, especially the Dale Lawrence piece!

  2. I love your blog! I came here via Cup of Jo, and I’m so glad I found it. love the layout and all the beautiful images :)

  3. I have that same Isabel Marant ad ripped out of a magazine and sitting on the edge of my desk! Pink lace-up jeans? Mesh tee? Fishermany sweater? And it all looks so ridiculously amazing, laid-back and cool together!

    The woman is brilliant! Love the collection you’ve put her with too.

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