have you seen the new stuff over at australian label ? there’s some seriously fun things happening down under.


  1. Nice to see Gorman getting some Genietenvangeuren lovin.’ It’s amazing how this Melbourne based designer thrives in a city obsessed with black. I’ve decided it’s because she’s a genius.

  2. lovely mismatched prints, cheerful, playful, just what you need to boost up your spirits and energy level! thanks for sharing.

  3. Yep! I love Gorman. I’m still super in love with the last collection, and the colors! I love how they’ve carried lots of navy and blue over into this collection.

  4. no, I haven’t seen this yet, but thank you so very much for sharing! I love it – great colors :) very bold, but not too bright which is different from what I’ve been seeing lately!


  5. Gorman is gorgeous: every season their clothes are seriously covetable. So lovely to see them on your blog!

  6. Oooh I love Gorman. Actual, proper, head over heels love. I am moving back to NZ tomorrow (eeek!) and am already lamenting the loss of my weekly visit. It’s just SO good.

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