is a self-taught photographer based in sweden whose work i stumbled upon on flickr. the talent pool on flickr always amazes me, especially the portfolios of self-taught & amateur photographers. if you browse through you will see that many of her photos are influenced by period dramas, vintage photos and paintings… they are simply beautiful and lovely to get lost in.  check out her , , & for more.

all photographs by .


  1. to be honnest, i have a hard time with photos a bit too staged or too posed.. it lacks the sparkle !

  2. the woman on the rock, i thought the rock was some gorgeous billowing skirt. amazing work, like dreams in slow motion or something.

  3. dreamy, fragile, forced. I can relate myself to these photographs. Thank you for sharing!

  4. These are really so lovely. Thank you so much for always introducing me to such wonderful stuff. You are a gem!

  5. wow, amazing work!!!!! I love her selfportraits, making a selfportrait on a rock must be a challenge. Thank you for sharing this it inspire me so much! .-)

  6. She is so inspiring since she makes her photographs often very spontaneously but yet people think she planned & prepared for the shoots which makes me even more impressed by her work knowing how she works.. I say bravo & I love her -page a lot!


  7. These are absolutely stunning, especially the first and last! I can’t believe she’s self taught!

  8. I truly love these photos. Great eye for composition!! I linked to a sandwich recipe from , and got lost in the photos of Sabina! I especially love the portrait of the bride in ‘child’s pose’.

  9. I love the photography; very personal and revealing and beautiful.

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