i discovered Australian based food blog thanks to , and immediately got caught up in the fantastic combination of fun graphics, great photography and amazingly tasty looking food (of course). The blog is run by three Tasmanian creatives who are now all based in Melbourne – does the cooking, takes the photos and designer  is responsible for the graphics. everything about Eat This Food is right up my alley – especially the handy downloadable PDFs. i hope these guys are paving their way to a recipe book, because i would snap it up in a second. please click on the images to be taken to the recipe – and see all of them .









all photographs & graphics by 


  1. Samanthajoy Reply

    Amazing typography, beautiful photos of food… I think I’m in love!

  2. Wow! Lovely, lovely blog… and I’m really amazed that Portuguese tarts are being cooked and eaten all the way around the globe (they are SO good…)

  3. i’m so with you on this.
    the graphics/photos have this retro/50s diner vibe but the food has a sense of internationalism.
    you always introduce the coolest stuff!

    ♥ Diana

  4. Jess Lillico Reply

    Aww thanks for including us! I love your blog so it’s very exciting :)

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