10 awesomely awesome things, title inspired by the rad art up in (1) , featured by Warby Parker. (2) all bundled up. (3) photographed by . (4) by Dean Davidson. (5) these by Pigeon Toe Ceramics. (6) this . (7) this fun identity , by . (8) Kate again – this time her . (9) Bri’s amazing . (10) . especially golden ones (these are by ).

10 awesome things by Genietenvangeuren


  1. Yes yes yes. All things.

    And Emily Henderson did a killer job on Bri’s living room.

  2. All of these are lovely and work so well together, so kudos to that. Especially loving the Kate Miss jewelry – ooh la la. I can never have too much delicate gold jewelry, especially when it’s got a heavier, earthy side to even things out.

  3. I really like your match-ups! They always have a balance in terms of colors, shapes
    and everything…


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