i used to be quite into following as they were coming out, but somewhere along the way i just got tired of keeping up with them and instead relied on one or two images from one or two collections to pop up in my reader or feed to keep me abreast of what was happening (and what was beautiful).

the latest has caught my eye more than a few times actually, so i decided to delve into all the shows (and i mean ALL the shows) and pick my favourites. i ended up with a top 30 – which means that i have done all the work for you, and you don’t have to even go and look at them yourself. yay? and now you can pretend you know what is going on in the fashion world, too.

also through all of this i realised that having 200 tabs open does not help with my computer’s performance, at all, so if you’re a constant new tab opener like me – try . it is a life saver.

i have only picked one image from each collection (bar two collections, who i simply couldn’t choose only one from – you’ll see who they are). all images are from .

let’s kick off with , whose collection truly seduced me. i am not an LV fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this collection  is so fun and the model is so breezy. yes please, LV!

next up , a collection that is just so wearable and amazing.

is a favourite around here. this printed tunic dress will do quite nicely.

i already spoke about how much i love the collection. it is astoundingly beautiful.

one thing you an always count on when you browse a collection is that you can quickly scroll all the way to the bottom to see the evening dresses – these are ooh and aah material.

has a similar knack for making beautiful gowns.

i love this sweet little number from .

you can’t go wrong with pink polka dots, thanks .

made some colourful pieces for her latest collection, but i am partial to this navy & white number.

this leather jacket by is badass.

i especially like the menswear pieces from .

the collection is kinda blah, but this quilted leather tuxedo slash bomber jacket combo is amazing.

love the silhouette of this dress by .

a very interesting collection by .

i wasn’t blown away by , but i do love this:

it was quite hard picking my favourite from , but this feathery number won in the end:

i always like the simple collections from:

such an interesting little tennis dress by :

i already waxed lyrical about that coat from , also always love their menswear inspired items:

i had never heard of before, some quite lovely things here:

a gorgeous cut-out dress by :

enjoyed the (NYC? Paris) backdrop for ‘s collection – also Hanne is everywhere:

the strange Warhol lookalike fascinated me most in the collection:

i’ve always loved the colourful splendour of , but this monochrome number WINS:

i actually just liked her hair. :

another new-to-me designer, :

love this coat from :

sadly i wasn’t overly impressed by perennial favourite , but do love this:

always manages to impress:

and lastly, i just loved this image from :


  1. Robyn Cooke Reply

    Thank you. I always go through all the collections for my trend forecasts, but have not had time this season. You have saved SO MANY hours of my life. xxx

  2. Oh wow. Thank you for putting this together; so many beautiful things here. I might just have to check out the rest of the Erdem collection, so stunning …

  3. Thanks for putting this together! So many lovely images of clothes I wish I could somehow have in my closet. A girl can dream, right?

  4. I’m not a huge LV fan either, but I love that suit. So relaxed and chic at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m definitely very excited by Resort, it’s nice to see even more from your favourite designers and more relatable stuff. The little styling touches are also very interesting, glad ugly shoes are still reigning supreme!

  6. Love the fashion (especially that second Vuitton look!) but what I’m really floored by is OneTab! Oh my god THANK YOU.

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