the new :

this amazing gift guide by :

the cover of the new :


this chair by :

the styling at :

this house in Gothenburg – !

excited to see this Namibian wedding by :



jewellery by :

these are  for sure:

an ingenious shoe rack by  (who has an amazing name):


these shoes by :

blouses by :


awesome workspaces featured on The Design Files – & :


awesome :


by The White Pepper:

the home of :

the very grown up home of :



  1. The photo of the Namibian wedding is stunning, and who knew Uniqlo had such an awesome recipe stash? Lovely roundup as always!

  2. everything here is fan-freaking-tastic. i love it. i wonder if i could pull off the look in that top image, even though i’m terrified of wearing all white. but it looks so GOOD.

  3. Yay! I have that boob tote and love it! Gravel and Gold is my favorite shop in all of San Francisco!

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