sheepskin is like the rug version of the birkenstock. it’s everywhere , and i love it. it’s one of those boho Megan-Draper’s-house-in-LA kind of thing that’s been around f-o-r-e-v-er (like macrame, or hand-woven tapestries) but now it’s ever so casually draped on a leather butterfly chair like it’s no big deal. oh that old thing? everyone is super cool about it.

i’ll never forget visiting friends of my parents when i was a kid, they had a mid-century modern house on a hill with a huge sheepskin rug that practically filled the lounge. i used to lie on that rug and dream about living in that house forever (they eventually sold it! waaah) perhaps one day we’ll have our own beautiful house, in which case i might get floor to floor sheepskin carpeting (not really, yes really). for now, here is some inspiration and places to buy sheepskin if you’re so inclined.

Sheepskin // Genietenvangeuren

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and here’s where you can buy them! just click on the images to be taken to the shop. if you’re not into the real thing there are plenty of around.


  1. Love it! everything is so perfect about it, but as long as it’s fake.. i couldn’t be thinking that that is a real skin.. :/

  2. I love it – and same, as long as it’s fake. I am moving in a month, I think I will have to get one of these for my new place.

  3. I’m having trouble with the links for where to buy these, I don’t think many of them are working? Thanks!

  4. You’re so right! Love sheepskin! It’s especially nice for babies. They love rolling in it! I let my 3 month old lie in it and play at least once a day. It certainly helps that they look good too!

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