i should start this post by saying that go back as far as the Egyptians who- bla bla bla, but the point is cats are cool so of course why wouldn’t they appear in art since forever? what i realised after looking around for rad art that featured felines is that there are a lot of nudes + cats.  being perhaps the most explicit. is it because people tend to strut around their house naked, while their cats look on? i know i always did when my cat was still alive. and then you’d stop and look at the cat, who was looking at you, and you’d think… is it judging me or does it just not care? (a bit of both)

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(pencil on paper)

(coloured pencil)


  1. “@artsy: A brief survey of some of the greatest #cats featured on Artsy via @miss_moss:

  2. This reminds me of the cat art museum I visited in Amsterdam – opened by a cat lady/art lover and with plenty of live cats besides some great stuff like Lautrec.

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