guys. this feels weird to admit, but, i’ve been listening to a LOT. this coming from someone who never really knew what Taylor Swift was all about until this year – when i started seeing her pop up all over MY internets. of course she has been a mega star forever, but she never infiltrated my own happy internet bubble… until now. you only need to read  to understand.

so, the soundtrack to today’s Mid Week Distraction might very well be 1989. or not! you could also listen to while reading this. whatever floats your boat.

“is he wearing red tights. is this man seriously wearing red tights while he proposes at me.”

Federico Babino imagines movie stars at home in mid-century architecture

“How Hungary’s painted homes rebelled against the Socialist system”

a round up of the best visual art centred around sweets, sweets, sweets.

an amazing list of the world’s most contagious falsehoods

an awesome resource for free cooking tips

the first map & typeface of the earth

a different way to see Cape Town

just discovered this great site

tell ’em they’re dreamin’

a ‘SmartFrame’ for all your photos

10 illustrated foreign phrases


i challenge you not to cry

Barbara Streisand getting the epic side eye from a Masai woman in the '70s.

— Dwayne Rodgers (@DiggsWayne)

made me laugh

When Jim Henson died in 1990, Disney Imagineers sent this drawing of Mickey consoling Kermit to his mourning company.

— TV Secrets (@TV_Exposed)

made me smile


  1. So many goodies. I will save this page to come back to soon. Also love the way you compile your links!

  2. With the link to the sale of Bonnie Doon, you just shot to top of my blog list :) Love your work.

  3. As usual, fantastic choices. I’m dying over these mid-week distractions! Thanks, as always, for inspiring me.


    PS. 1989 is amazing–and that’s coming from someone who has hardly listened to her before! It’s impossible not to love:)

  4. Dear Diana,
    Your blog has always been one of my favourites, but you’ve just taken it to a whole new level with your Mid Week Distractions!
    Damnit! I want to open every single link every time! :)
    Thanks for having such a great local blog that’s beautifully edited, compiled and thought through!
    Your the bees knees,

  5. Lenka Juchelková Reply

    Your links are always inspiring! I just noticed that in all of Mid Week Distractions was quite a lot articles about pregnancy and having children … should we look forward to Small Moss? ))

  6. On Genietenvangeuren, You have become my midweek distraction. I love it! 5 things to do in the kitchen… how boring sounds like 10 habits of successful people. How about finish the leftovers, make microwave fudge and eat it while still hot…

  7. Bonnie doon is for sale!!!! This made my day indeed. I love your blog and don’t normally comment , but thanks and I love your mid week distractions … Much appreciated

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