is a graphic designer from Cape Town who has an ongoing series called , where she illustrates the workspaces of friends, acquaintances and people she admires from a distance. my desk next please, Kaeli?

The thought came from a piece by Jessica Hische which stated ““…it got me thinking because I like both pretty neat. I wondered if people’s workspaces reflected anything about themselves or if they were just desks – to that end I’ve included their occupation as well as a link to their work where possible. Below are the vector illustration versions of the desks I was sent. Through their simplification & their vectorisation I’ve found they all land up looking pretty neat.

you can click on the images to be taken to the relevant person’s website.

The Desk Project


  1. What a cool project! I loved the colours that were used for each desk, I think that says a lot about the person as well.
    My desk almost looks like Nicole Dalton’s.

  2. Awesome project! My desk is way too chaotic this time of year!
    See most creatives have a coffee mug present on the table!:-)

  3. What a great idea! I love her style of illustration. It makes this very easy to look at since she used the same perspective for each desk.
    I can’t imagine she would have much to work with in my work space. Instead of a desk I use my dining table and kitchen counter.
    great post!

  4. My desk looks like none of these because right now it is a huge disorganized mess. As a new blogger who still has a demanding day job I am having trouble finding the time to be organized. These beautiful graphic illustrations have inspired me to think carefully abut my desk and how I would want it to look and what I might want it to say about me. II think I might even do a moldboard about it. It’s a really fun project, thanks for presenting it.

    Accidental Icon

  5. I love this! I wonder what my desk would look like in this form…maybe not as cute and adorable, but hopefully somewhat good!


  6. What a cool project! It would be interesting if someone would illustrate my workspace. I think your desk really tells and reveals something about you, even if you didn’t know it yourself. Great post :)

  7. Ha very nice project!My favorite are the first 2 desks! Unfortunately, mine is a chaos! I would be curious about an architect’s desk how would look like!

  8. The visualization of the colors and depicting it is just brilliant. The work spaces would be a lot happier place with such art works. Just loved it!!

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