aaaand we’re back! things aren’t any less busy round here. tell me, is this time of year as mad for everyone else as i think it is? we leave for Kei on saturday, so i have a to do list that needs doing, stat – and on that very list was today’s mid week distraction. i wasn’t gonna leave you hanging, no sir.

i was bawling within 10 seconds.

like a Wes Anderson movie, but REAL. this is SO good.

as compiled by TIME

an amazing compendium of what was hot this year

Genietenvangeuren: Mid Week Distraction No.8

“Highlighting an invisible conversation between hip hop and art before the 16th century”

(and in case you don’t know why you’d want to possibly try to punch a Monet)

probably the most impressive & funnest stop motion film ever (also watch the – unreal!)

i watched  recently – which i highly recommend – and had me crying with laughter.

send a message made up of scenes from movies

all about the world’s  techno track

It’s a myth.

this sounds tiring.

because elephants are SMART

nice to see

by Sonja Hinrichsen

by Kara

a great playlist by Rowan Eva

the dirtiest Jazz playlist you’ve ever heard


  1. Yes, this time of year is crazy for everyone. Good luck with all that you’re doing! I had to comment about the tidy elephant. Yet another piece of evidence for elephants being the best animals! I love them!

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