at the moment’s Axel’s nursery is a work in progress – which is why i haven’t shared any photos! he’s been sleeping in our room since he was born, which means his room is mainly for storage and the occasional nappy change (we mainly use a changing pad in our bedroom). but one of these days we will transition him to his own space, and i’d like for the nursery to be “done” by then. i have an idea in my head of what it will look like, including new paint on the walls, rearranging furniture and so on. but one of the trickiest things is deciding what art to put on his walls. should i do some HUGE prints, or maybe smaller prints and arrange them as a gallery wall? what about shelving?

but above all, there are so many cute things out there for kids’ walls! here are some.

Giraffe Print
ha ha print
removeable matisse wallpaper
secret collection prints
big cats poster
i like your face print
min pin print
raining cats and dogs print
Happy Wall decal pattern
kite flying print
fun fair print
gorilla print
personalised nursery print
hi five print
man's best friend alphabet
diving board print
big fox print
fish print
tulip print
koala print
jungle alchemy print
original watercolour horse painting
don't grow up print


  1. Wow, some of these are amazing! As for now we have absolutely no idea what we’ll do about a nursery space, but these made me really excited for planning it.

  2. I’ve always thought Pete Cromer’s stuff would be awesome for a kid’s room.

  3. These are all so amazing. I’ve got get one of these for my little girl. My husband and I have been thinking what else we can add to her room to make it more colorful.

  4. You might like my friend Kelsey’s work, to me her “Creatures of the Order..” posters (or any of the little critters) resonate with a lot of the others in this post:

  5. I bought Jorey Hurley’s strawberry print after seeing it on your blog! I plan on putting it up over the crib along with a smaller print, although I haven’t decided what that will be yet. It’s a toss up between an old needlepoint I had as a child, one of those cute baby animal prints from the animal print shop or maybe a cool b&w print of my grandma from her youth. On the other wall I’m using a trio of inaluxe bird prints. Spending a fortune on framing, ugh!

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