i feel like wanting a neon sign is much like wanting a tattoo. it SEEMS really cool, but am i going to regret it once its up on my wall? or am i going to just want more and more when i have one. i like the idea of making a , too. what would you have yours say? mine would have my favourite saying: my heart bumps like a dryer with shoes in it.

these are by , who are based in Berlin but shop worldwide.



  1. Really great collection of neon art signs. I am considering doing a similar post on my blog too, this is a really good round up of what’s available.

  2. Electric Confetti make custom neon signs, I follow their and imagine ordering one someday but like you say, would I regret it, hm..!

  3. Been having the same internal dialog for weeks now. I chickened out – but after this I might go for it!

  4. agreed, wondering if this is a little too trend driven and I’m going to regret it later, BUUUT part of me is like, who cares!? because the star signs are amazing!! hmmm, think I’m gonna go for it!

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