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catherine: things i like right now

things i like right now by of

  1. Bare ankles and – I want some so badly
  2. Finnish patterns by
  3. My vintage children’s book collection– because a part of me will never grow up
  4. by Laura Lombardi – because triangles are cool
  5. – so pretty
  6. Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe – a classic
  7. – a little Swedish man who plays the banjo
  8. – no explanation needed here
  9. – chocolate, awesome beards and beautiful packaging
  10. – I wish I could draw like her
  11. ’s book cover designs

if ever i had a blogging twin, would be it. i can’t count how many times catherine and i have unintentionally done identical posts. so if you like the content around here, definitely pay her a visit :)

ps: those shorts!

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